Crime Analysis


In order to understand what impact crime has on a community, we study the types of crimes reported, and the number that occur each year. We are then able to determine if crime is increasing or decreasing. More importantly, we look to see if crime is becoming more or less serious or violent. The tools used to prepare the year-end crime analysis for reports such as this one, are used throughout the year to identify the beginnings of crime trends and allow our resources to concentrate on apprehending serial offenders.


“Part I Crime” is the category containing the index crimes that are used by the Department of Justice to track crime in jurisdictions across the United States. The types of crimes listed within this category are the most readily comparable, regardless of actual statutory definition, within the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Part I Crime category is typically used by the media to compare crime rates among the larger American cities (with over 100,000 in population), and will be the basis for how reporters rank our City with the others.


Allows you to view reported crimes in your neighborhood.

Crime Map
Crime Statistics

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